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Bye Bye, Fouad WhatsApp Calls: Stop Them Without Cutting Off Your Social Life

We’ve all been there – the sound of Fouad WhatsApp calls can be anxiety-inducing, and sometimes you just want to avoid speaking out loud altogether. However, blocking a contact isn’t always the best solution. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you disable Fouad WhatsApp calls without resorting to blocking anyone.

fouad whatsapp calls
  • Method 1: The easiest way to turn off Fouad WhatsApp calls is directly through the app.
    • Open Fouad WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
    • Select ‘Settings’ and find the ‘Privacy’ option.
    • After clicking on ‘Privacy’, scroll down to the ‘Calls’ section.
    • You can turn off either ‘Show calls’ or ‘Show notification’ to filter out unwanted calls.

If you turn off ‘Show calls’, only Fouad WhatsApp calls will not be shown. If you turn off ‘Show notification’, all Fouad WhatsApp notifications will not be shown. Choose the setting that suits your needs.

  • Method 2: Another option is to change your phone settings.
    • Find the downloaded app Fouad WhatsApp in your phone’s settings and click on it.
    • Find the ‘Notifications’ option, click on it and turn off ‘Allow notifications’.
    • Your phone will no longer show any Fouad WhatsApp notifications, including calls.
  • Method 3: For temporary situations, like being in a meeting, turn on your phone’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

By following these methods, you can turn off Fouad WhatsApp calls without blocking anyone. Remember, blocking a contact should always be a last resort when dealing with unwanted calls or messages.

Disabling Fouad WhatsApp calls is a straightforward process that does not require blocking a contact. By utilizing the built-in options provided by the app, you can maintain a healthy relationship with your contacts while ensuring that you only receive the calls and messages you want. We hope these tips help those of you who dread hearing a WhatsApp call ring, but don’t want to miss out on messaging your friends. Now you can stay quiet and chat away without any interruptions.

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